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Friday, June 25, 2010

the start of a new journey :)

when something ends,
its always means a start of something.

well, i am starting my university life.
believe it or not, i am going to be a uni student.
it feels like just yesterday my brothers could settle me down just by buying me ice-cream.
even my lil brothers had stopped watching ben10.
time flies without we even noticing.

so, i am now a 17yo girl, well, ofcourse, going to be 18.
i have been tru ups and downs.
shits and pretty flowers.
darkness and shines.
and yet, i could still stand here.
still strong :)

i dunno if u've been reading my bloggie or not.
but imma tell you this,
i really think that a guy that actually cried over a girl is very sweet and comel. :p
i couldn't tell u, sebab nanti u perasan XD
it doesn't matter if the girl deserve the tears or not. 
if she's a bitch or just pms-ing.
i'm proud of you.
for some freaking reason, i do.
she must be very special that u'd never wanna give up after all those shits.
glad to call u my fren.
if i could share the pain, i would take it away.
i would.
u know i'd do anything to make my awesome frens happy.
as i said,
happy looks good on you :)

now that i'd be away.
oh, yes, i so gonna miss you.
gonna miss EVERYTHING that i'll leave behind.
but i'll come back.
perhaps with longer hair,
less bony,
prettier smile :)
aaand... :)
God willing.
there will be one fine day,
when we shall meet again.
for now?


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