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Saturday, July 30, 2011

im at war.

today i found someone just like you.
but i guess its just going to be another heartbreak.
i stalk over a bit of his life.
and i know that there will be something about him that i will really love.
he may not be you.
he is a little different from who i expect him to be.
i wasn't thinking of you when i talk to him.
but i thought of you when i read about him.
this is insane.
im done talking about this.

today i found out something.
today i found out that you are a total bitch!
today i lost my respect to you.
today, i dont know how to even look at your face and dont feel disgusted.

i am going to cry.
yes, i know that i swore to myself not to and be strong.
but i have quite a solid reason to cry today. and good thing no one is around to stop me.

and you people,
please pretend that i am not exist. at least for a while
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Thursday, July 28, 2011


this is for everyone in the world that knows me.
especially for the ones that are reading this,
yes you.
this is for you.

from the very bottom of my heart..

 i'm sorry for always not be there for my friends. 
 i'm sorry for not being a good person now and then. 
i am just sorry. 
for every single thing that have gone wrong. 
if i have hurt anybody or say something inappropriately.
im sorry.
i know that sorry is always not enough. 
but i guess it could be a good start. 

if i die young, bury me in satin
if i die young, remember that i do love each and everyone of you. 
and i swear that i would have done everything i could to be the best for you. 
if i die young, 
please place a little moment of your day,
to cite a little prayer for me.

blessed day, everyone :) 

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Friday, July 22, 2011

what are you looking for?

now i have to close my eyes and believe that. 
but truth is, i just feel like crying my heart out.
what am i supposed to do when there are just too many things that would love to bring me down?
i have been trying so hard to be good to myself. 
i just thought i deserve something more. 
something worth crying for. 

can i tell you a secret?
im stuck.
im stuck in a world that i hate. 
stuck with people that i cannot count on. 
stuck with them that do nothing better than to make my life more complicated.
im sick of that 
i am damn bloody hell sick of everyone around.

i thought pretending to be happy will help to sort things out for me. 
and you, 
stop playing around, please. 
i am not interested with your stupid selfish game.
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Monday, July 11, 2011

please stay a little longer because i miss you.

even though it annoys me but i miss you talking crap.
i miss laughed on your crappy facial expression.
i miss you trying to imitate the British accent but you never going to get it right. 
i miss sitting there with you doing nothing.
i miss just sitting next to you.
and even though we were doing nothing. 
but it does means something to me. 
it does. 
and i miss you.
i wish i have the guts to tell you that. 

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Thursday, July 7, 2011


saya nak kasut yang tuuu.
dan saya nak buat rambut macam tuuu tuuu.
boleh tak? :D :D
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