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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Challenge Accepted?

1. Name, please.
Siti Suhaida Sulaiman

2. Approximate Age?
20years and 7days. shit, I'm old. -.-

3. Are you happy in your life?
what's happy? 

4. Do you feel like anything is missing? If so, what do you want?
Everything I've lost. 

5. Do you plan on being a musician/artist/writer?

6. Do you think you are artistic?
not anymore. 

7. Have you ever tried hard drugs?

8. If so, have they changed your life?
It would've. not in a good way. 

9. What age would you like to die?

10. Would you let your kids smoke weed?
never a million times

11. Are you an angry person?
generally? yes actually.

12. Do you laugh a lot, but don’t really mean it?
I don't laugh a lot. but when I do, I meant it. 

13. Do you like to think you are popular?
I don't like to think anything. 

14. Describe your most terrifying dream.
being chased by a / a million frogs. 

15. What band would you die to see live?
Train. Simple Plan. 

16. How would you like to die?
quick and painless and devour to God. 

17. What’s your opinion on self-mutilation?
who am I to judge wht people want to do to themselves.

18. Do you believe in capitalism?
what's that? :)

19. Communism?
Communists are assholes.

20. Libertarianism?

21. Would you rather be an anarchist or a socialite?

22. Freedom of speech or controlled society?
freedom of speech.

23. Obama or Bush?

24. Would you consider yourself intelligent?
emotionally, maybe. 

25. When was the last time you cried?
few minutes ago. 

26. When was the last time you laughed?
few hours ago when I watch this weird movie that made me feel better. 

27. Who is your last text from?
My unty. Asking if I have texted the guy my grandma wants me to be married with. 

28. What did it say?
"Kaklang, dah message dia ke belum?"

29. Ever had your ass kicked?
yes, by my bestfriend, Chrissy. but most of the time she is too short to reach my ass. 

30. What’s your middle name?

31. Single or taken?
Taken. Taken for granted. 

32. If taken, do you love this person?

33. If single, what are you looking for in someone?
a man. not an asshole. 

34. Sex or love?
seriously, how can anyone have sex without love?

35. Who is your best friend?


36. Why is this person your best friend?
they make me feel better just by having them around me. 

37. Are you moody?
abit. maybe. 

38. Are you depressed?
I'm a depressed animal. but I am learning to shake it off. 

39. What do you think of abortion?

40. Are you in a good mood today?
no. not really. maybe for a while when I have this crazy moments with lil bros and funny tweet conversation with friends. 

41. If not, why are you not?
Because I am a depressed animal. 

42. Are you afraid of the swine flu?

43. Are you afraid to be yourself?
maybe. a bit. yeah. 

44. What would you label yourself?

45. Do you live with your parents?

46. How many siblings do you have?
two insanely good looking yet practically useless elder brothers and two amazingly annoying lil brothers. choose. 

47. Do you wear skinny jeans?

48. Are you emo?
a lot of time. I'm trying to shake it off. 

49. Are you aware that all emo kids look exactly the same?
this makes me wanna rethink about the previous question. emo emotionally or physically? o.O

oh btw, yes I do aware. 

50.Are you a hater?
I WISH I know how to hate. 

51. Are you anti-rasict?
what is race? 

52. Explain your personality in 3 word.

Sensitive. Deep. Dreamer. 

53. What do you wish your name was?
eff this. I love my name.

54. How old do you want to be when you get married?

55. What do you want to name your kids?
Girl- Dian Nasuha
Boy- Naufal

56. What kind of hairstyle do you want?
long and straight but wavy. hew hew

57. When was the last time you brushed your teeth?
20 minutes ago.

58. What are you wearing right now?

59. Say something random.
I miss you.

60. What do you wear to bed?

61. What color is your underwear?

62. Am I getting too personal?
tell me about it. 

63. What’s your view on nihilism?

64. Pacifism?

65. Do you think the drug culture is misunderstood?
I dont care.

66. Are you a fan of Hunter S Thompson?
dont know who's that.

67. Do you read literature?

68. Do you love horror movies?
I do. but yea...

69. What’s your favourite one?
Exorcism of Emily Rose.

70. Do you like comedies?
not the one with stupid sick jokes.

71. Are you a smoker?

72. Do you smoke cigars/cigarillos?

73. Do you have anger problems?

74. Do you know someone who has a mental illness?

75. Have you had someone close to you die of cancer?
yes. my dad's bos' wife. she made the best baked macaroni that I missed till now.  

76. What do you want to be next Halloween?

77. What grade are you in?
seriously? dont make me feel old.

78. When do you graduate?
school? 2 and a half years ago.

79. Do you talk to yourself?
when I am depressed. yes. all the time. 

80. What color are your toenails?
I dont paint my nails. 

81. Has anyone ever told you you have a nice smile?

82. Nice eyes?
not my best quality. sepet a bit. though I actually hate small eyes.

83. Ever broken a bone?
broken arm once. yea.

84. Got a black eye?

85. Nose bleed?

86. Ever been so mad you cried?

87. What’s your favourite quote?

don't get mad. get even. 

88. Are you listening to anything right now?
yes. someone is being a bitch. 

89. What are you addicted to?

90. Do you like silver hair?

91. Would you ever fight a famous boxer?
no. i might die. 

92. Could you take on kimbo slice?
i dont know whats that.

93.Can you even fist fight?
erm. i guess.

94. Do you work out?
haha. no. 

95. Are you in good physical condition?

96. Do you get creeped out by puppets?

97. If you could be any celebrity by one day, who would you be?
Taylor Swift.

98. Do you have any phobias?

99. Ever been mauled by a wild animal?

100. Do you think you could be a Suicide Girl?

101. What about a playboy bunny?
not interested. 

102. Are you an insomniac?

103. Do you take birth control?
why would I?

104. Are these questions pointless?
definitely. but wth, they're killing time.

105. Favourite color?
white and red.
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