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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Self Reminder

Assalamualaikum and hi.

This might sounds absurd but food does really make me feel better. Good food to be exact. I realized that when I caught myself eating like nobody's business when I am depressed and I really feel a lot better then. I am not joking this time. Does this happen to all of you too? I find it really hard to believe because when you are depressed or sad mostly you wont even have the appetite to eat. Or maybe it depends on individual. I don't know.

What makes you feel better, people? What is it, please just tell me? People lied because they don't want to hurt the people that they love with the truth and that the truths are really ugly that sometimes, it wont be able to save the situation. If the truth breaks you down and that lies can make you happy, which one will you choose? Choose the truth of choose to be happy?

Remember how some people choose to not want to know? Sometimes they pretend that they didn't know what happened, or try to understand what actually that have been going on, do you know exactly why? -- because they are avoiding the truth. They don't want to know, because they can not handle it. They just couldn't swallow the fact, the truth. So they go on and live a lie. or maybe lies. And sometimes, life turned out to be better that way, dont you think? Sometimes we rage when people lied to us. But haven't you been lying too? Ever thought of the reason why you lied? Have you never lied to yourself? Not even once?

Truth is, everybody lies. And most of the time, we lied to ourselves. Because that is the best and easiest way to make us feel better.

You said you will change just to forgive yourself on the wrong things that you did.
You said it didn't hurt just to appear strong and untouchable.
You said you don't love that particular someone because you feel that by admitting that, it means you lost in the game that you create yourself in your head.
You said to yourself that you don't give a damn because you know you cannot make him/her stay.

Listen, people.
Stop lying to yourself.
It's okay to not be okay sometimes.
It's okay to admit that you're hurt.
It's okay if you make some mistake, or even a lot of them; as long as you know how to learn from it.
It is okay to fail in loving someone, it is okay to cry. It doesn't make you a lousy person, a loser or weak. In fact, you will turn out stronger than ever. You will honestly and sincerely believe that truth is a beautiful thing indeed. You just need to open your damn stubborn heart to  ACCEPT it. We all make mistakes. Keep your head up, swallow it and live.

So, beautiful people. What makes you feel better?
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