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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


demam + terasa sangat bodoh + sakit kepala + rasa sangat bersalah pun ade + feel like a loser + morning class tomorrow + damn sleepy but couldn't sleep = HUNGRY. *haha

so yea, as the title of the post says it all, I AM SCREWED. tu je lah nak cakap. tu je yang boleh dikatakan pun. 

and so for you...
dengg, yesterday you  make me dance around the room like crazy people do. today, you stunned me with your harsh words. but still, you able to make me feel guilty. damn, you are good. i dont know what happened just now. maybe it was the fever, maybe it was you, maybe it was me. i dont know. it does left some scratches here in my lil heart but i dont know why i still think its my fault.  why? WHY? why cant i just put the blame on you? WHY IT HAS TO BE ME? *sigh. 

you know what, its so weird how you sounds so angry and so mean but so sweet at the same time. it is so weird how i feel like you just shoot me with all kinds of words but still make perfect sense and yet, left me speechless. its weird how i feel like i couldn't bare with it but i still want it to happen at the same time. i just wish you could understand. understand who i am, which most of the people failed to do. even myself, sometimes dont understand what the hell i am thinking and why the hell i acted this and that way. 

so yea. i dont know what to do, what to say, what to act. never feel this numb and dumb. -.- 


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