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Thursday, September 2, 2010

mood : *tears

hey you.
i'm sorry


ape yang berlaku antara kita, memang su tak jangka lansung. seriously, trully unexpected. yang pasal seseorang tu pun, su memang tak sangka orang yang, bagi su, sebaik itu, ruparupanya tetap tidak boleh dipercayai.
for some freaking reason, i already love all of you as if we are family. for some freaking moments, i do feel happy HAVING SUCH WONDERFUL SISTERS, live with them, spend most of my time with them, share a room with them, gossips together in bed till midnight and maybe more, since i never did have anyone to do such things with before.
each and everyone of you have been a part of my life. hanging out with you is like THE SWEETEST THING. after all the shits assignments and lousy classes sometimes, the best part of my day is always when i am with you, you, you and every''you'.
i promise, when i commited MY MISTAKE, i have NO OTHER FREAKING INTENTION to sell your names to others. never at all. and i could swear to you that i thought that only ME, HER and HER know about it. not until you mention about it.
and i was furious too, knowing that.
because i too, did not know anything about it. i did not know that someone else know about it.

sekarang, bila semua dah jadi macam ni, semua nak tundingtunding jari kan? these kind of things is normal la. i know we can go through it together. i am FREAKING HOPE SO.
i love all of you.
and this is no drama. deep down there inside my heart, yes i do.
especially you and you and you and you :)

yes, sayangs, i cried. but not because i felt too much guilty or feel the tense of the fight or because i wanted to creat some drama or seeking for attention...
but i know that from now on, things can never be the same anymore.
people will be more aware,
more keeping things to themselves,
i know that i can no more go to that particular room and treated her the same way anymore because i do feel the pain too.
i know that you and you will no more look at us the same way anymore knowing that we have the FREAKING GUTS to do this to you.
i know things wont be the same anymore.
and i am going to miss us.

specially to kipasmate and miss baju-kurung-cantik,
su sayang korang.
i'm sorry.
please dont leave me behind.


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