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Monday, April 29, 2013

A Blessing In Disguise.

I know that bad things happened to everyone, everybody has a hard time in their lives. They have problems, complications, conflicts, big decisions to make and the worst of everything to anybody. Truth is, there's nothing in life that can destroy you but yourself. Yes, bad things happened to everyone, and when they do, we can't just fall apart and die. We must fight back.

"I cried because I had no shoes

but then I met a man with no feet"

I'm sorry that I whined about it. I'm sorry that I've over reacted. I'm sorry that I cursed away, run away and keep blaming other people for putting me through such misery. I'm sorry that I haven't tried to even fight for what's right. I'm sorry that I haven't pray for it to get better as much as I have been complaining about it.

And for the utmost of the apologies, I am sorry that I not been noticing the great things that have been happening despite whatever shitty things life has put me through. I am sorry that I have not been acknowledging the people that have always been around me whenever I feel like everything else are going against me. I am sorry that I have not been appreciating their existence in my life and took them for granted. I am sorry that I keep on being blinded by the bad things that I couldn't see, the people who have been among the greatest people that I've known of, were always by my side, being such wonderful supporters.

To you, the small girl with the biggest of heart, I am sorry that I have not been spending time with you. It's just that I was in such a mess, and I don't want you to see me like this. Besides, you are the only one that can make me talk about things and cry. I don't want to cry, therefore I don't want to talk about it. You're the best-est friend I ever own, for that, I thank you. I'll see you soon enough. :)

To my partner in crime, the most motherly friend I of mine, you too, have been a great supporter and a sweet helping hand throughout all of the bad times. Sometimes, just for the fact that you are around could make me feel safe and away from everything that weighs me down.

And to the nicest man in the world. If you are reading this, which I am pretty positive that you will, I think you have no idea how much you have helped me. It has only been the second month of the semester, and I don't believe that I could survive it so far if it is not because of you. I might be a depressed animal without you, your help and your annoying sarcastic bitchy jokes. I hope that things will turn out great for you because you deserve all the happiness in the world for... well, I don't know... for being you. Big thanks.

There are a lot more to list, a lot more things to be thankful for happening and a lot of people to be grateful for having. Today I realize that it takes two to tango, there wont be any conflicts if I don't make any conflict out of it. Today I realize that there's no time to whine and keep asking myself and people and God; why does all of these things happened to me, but it is time to ask my self what have learned about it, what do I do to make things better.

It is not about why or how did I get here. It's about where to go from here.

Thank you. Thanks a whole lot. :) you, you and you know whoever you are. Everyone.  I'll head back to PJ today with a little bit more faith, determination and will to change. InsyaAllah.

Good day, beautiful people. Much love.

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