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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

This is For You.

Hi. I finally come to write off my final words for you.
How are you?
I know you are doing perfectly fine, happy as you always been. I'm glad. :)

So actually if I were come to think about it, sure we can still be friends. We can settle things like grown ups, and I can still tolerate with my feelings for you if you would've come to your senses and take my feelings into consideration before you decided to break my heart like that. I'll admit that I've missed you. Sometimes just a thought, wondering if you are alright, sometimes just way too much that my heart couldn't bear it.

I am incapable to hate. I, of course, hate what you did, but it takes so much more to make me hate you. After all, you did make me smile, even just for a while, but I have to appreciate that.

Well, I never got the chance to say this so here goes nothing;
Thank you. Thank you, simply for everything. The memories, the fights, the smiles, the laughs, the looking-into-each-other's-eyes moments, the sweet long texts, the  long talk, the all-night skyping, the Love (if there was any) the short idea of 'us'. Thank you for all those and a lot more. I am happy to tell you that there was one day, that I was thinking about you, about all the stupid things we did and said, and I realize that it still could make me smile... and it didn't hurt me anymore. you, your words, your memories, they are all a part of me, they made me who I am now, they cannot bring me down. I choose to let them be a part of me. I choose to be happy.

You are free now, free to live, to laugh, to do whateverthefuckyouwannado, free to love and be happy. I know I used to wish bad things to you but now, I sincerely wish you well. I'll forgive myself for letting me committing mistakes by mistakes, and I forgive you for whatever happens even if you never did to even have the urge to apologize and clear things out with me. I forgive you.

I hope you will finally get grip of  'theloveofyourlife' that you have been talking about. well Charmain retweeted your tweet the other day and I remember reading about this girl on your tweets before I unfollowed you. So please don't think I stalked you, I have no time to, actually. pfft. -.- by the way, make no mistake no more you. keep her. she is one lucky girl because you are beautiful.

So hi, beautiful readers. My name is Suhaida and I am the kind of girl that will choose to dance in the rain and smile while walking through the toughest road because I believe that we all live the pain or the happiness for a reason. We just have to open our hearts to be able to see it.

It takes more than being a bitch to bring me down. I am stronger than you think. Much stronger.
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