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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

how's melaka??

melaka is great.
just way better than i could ever imagine.
my roomates are all cute and sweet.
there are soo mane goodlooking creatures in here.
no kidding.
so, i have fun cuci mate ^^

i have friends.
they are all decent and very frenly.
i have met some bitches.
but, wth, they are trying to fit in in THEIR way.
which i dont give a damn.
if they think, being a bitch people will give you some respect?
go ahead.
goodluck, btw XD

so, i am doing great.
for now.
since there is no anything called ASSIGNMENT just yet. XD
but i think i'll be fine.
my classmates are all sweet too. so yea.
i'll be okay.
now i'm planning to cut my hairr.
should i? hurm...


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