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Saturday, March 17, 2012

it rains when you were here and it rains when you're gone.

Once a upon a time,
I believe it was a Friday when I caught your eye,
and we caught on something.
I hold on to the night when you look me in the eye and tell me you love me.
Were you just kidding, 'cause it seems to me.
This thing is breaking down, we almost never speak.
And I don't feel welcome anymore.
Baby, what happened? -- please tell me 'cause one second it was perfect but now you're half way out the door.
And I stare at the phone, you still hasn't call.
And then you feel so low, you can't feel nothing at all.
And you flash back to when he said; "Forever and always."
And it rains, in your bedroom, everything was wrong,
It rains when you were and it rains when you're gone.
'Cause I was there when you said, "Forever and always."
Was I out of line?
Or did I say something way too honest? -- made you run and hide, like a scared little boy.
I looked into your eyes, thought I knew you for a minute, now I'm not so sure.
So, here's to everything, coming down to nothing;
Here's to silence, that cuts me to the core.
Where is this going?
Thought I knew you for a minute but I don't anymore.

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Emily     : What do you do when someone you love let you down? Really fucks you over?
Thomas : You must try stop loving them.
Emily     : Is that even possible?
Thomas : ...no.

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Last Words.

Remember when we fought about something and you said
"So what you want me to do?"
and I said
And you thought I don't fucking care. Truth is, no matter what you do, no matter how fucked up you be, no matter how bad you are in my friends' eyes, I'd still Love you, You are still Like A Boss to me. :) and that is why you don't have to do anything.

I was shivering like fuck when I were to see you the other day. Its not that I am afraid of you, or of what's going to happen, I just, I don't know. I just shivered like fuck that I can't barely walk, mann.

I always come across this quote that says;
"Sometimes we have to understand that some people can stay in your heart, but not in your life"
today, I have to understand that some people (like me) can stay in your life, but not in your heart. I'm sorry I made you stop loving me, mann. But you can't say WE lost the spark, it's you that lost it. Just you.

Sometimes when I sit back, and I think about those stupid promises you gave me, I feel like wearing my Superman T-shirt, fly to your house and stab you with your mummy's kitchen knife after shoving all of your words back to your face.
But then I realize that this breakup is the best for you and me. I totally understand that. Just a bit disappointed, that's all. I can manage. I know we need this breakup sooner or later, I just thought you'd be more of a gentleman in handling it.

I accepted whatever that happened between us. I accept the pain, I manage the changes, I let you go. But in another life, mann, you are fucking mine! *insert Katy Perry's; The One That Got Away here (chorus only)* hehe

One day, you will miss me, and you will regret that you let me go. No other girl could love you the way I loved you, and one day you will realize that it is fucking true.

You gave me a long talk/advice about my future-boyfriend that night, I couldn't get a chance to do the same so, here we go;
If you happened to have some other girls after me, be more sensitive. I am not saying that you should cry every time she got angry, I'm saying that you should be more sensible about those little things she said or do. Let her know that you want her in her life everyday, make her feel safe being with you. Do not give up when she is PMS-ing, and don't stay away when she said 'Go' or 'Get the fuck out of my life!'. Take time to talk and discuss about every single thing, dont stay away and merajuk too long, it's irritating.
I will help you with anything BUT to help you handle your girlfriend issues, aite? Just keep that in mind.

I will not apologized about anything that happened before. Practically, they are not my fault, you know I give my heart and soul to our relationship, kann. its just that, I would want to thankyou. For making me who I am today. I am stronger now, I never felt this good with myself. Though I cursed alot because of you, and practically took my innocence away, I'd still would like to thankyou for bringing me up and then tear me down. Felt good that I handled it Like A Boss. :)

fuck all these shyts already, aite?
you are my BITCH-MATE now. and that is equally awesome, if you ask me :)

I can't wait to see you in another life. Thanks for everything. 

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just being honest

I hate that stupid looking picture you caught, aite?
Damn stupid wehh.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Craving for McDonalds.

I'm not going to cry anymore, just so you know.
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