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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hello Beautiful Wednesday :)

my cat disturbed my sleep this morning.
someone left my room door open and he climb up my bed and sleep near my face. -_-"
nak manjamanja la tu :P
well, hi bloggie :)
hi everyone.
whoever you are and where ever you're at, i wish you the best of everything.

i spent the whole day out with dad yesterday.
sometimes it feels good to went out like a date with your dad, you know?
we went to Lumut, to visit his stepmom and talk about some family thingy.
me not know much.

well, pardon my stupid emo posts i published for these past few days.
i am not depressed though but rather disappointed. 
maybe i rather choose to cry alone because i think you have too much to worry about already.
but you know, just sometimes you expect people to be more sensible.
those things you did with other people that you think i should not give a damn sometimes hurt me in some ways.
because i do give a shit, you see?
i am sorry. but i do have a heart.

anyways, i am still deciding about courses to take for degree.
INC or PR?
penat berfikir, still have to ask around.
i really hope that result wont be too bad
because i really dont want to go back there.
tak mahu, tak mahu!

hmm, okay then bloggie, i want to get ready.
meeting him in a while :) 


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