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Sunday, August 21, 2011

one, two, buckle my shoe.

assalamualaikum. :)
hi bloggie, been missing you. :D
hi beautiful people, how have you been doing?

ignore the title. i dont know what makes me come up with that -.-
so hello again. 
right now, i am emotionally unstable. 
so if you want to keep reading, just dont take the content of this post too seriously, okay?

so i have been dealing with a bunch of people that i called as friends. 
whom i rely on the most and the ones that i least expect to hurt me. 
as we have been going almost everywhere together, share foods, things, a room to sleep and almost everything, 
i thought i deserve to be treated more than this. 
i thought i deserve to be treated as a 'friend'.

i dont expect you to bring me everywhere you went, 
i dont mind if you wanted to go wherever you want. 
i just thought it would be a little considerate if you tell me first so that i could get my other friends to go with me, 
or let me know to just be CONSIDERATE. 
that would be nice, you see?

i took you as my friend, tau tak. 
among the closest friend i had here around here.
i minimize the possibilities on talking bad about you to other people,
and i consider you and you to be the most understanding friends i could rely on to go through my days here in this place. 
but i guess i was expecting too much. 
i guess i was just the person you turn to when you need something. 
maybe i was just there to provide you with the things you lack of. 
and there is then, i dont even deserve a simple 'thankyou' from you .
but instead, i have THIS in return. 
the feeling of unimportant, 
of being used, 
and the stupid ones that consider you to be a good friend to me. 

i was wrong. 
i was always afraid of fake friends that will just use me at times in need, 
and i cant believe that its going to be you and you. 

i accept whatever happens. 
i will forgive you before i went off to sleep tonight. 
but i will never forget how you make me feel.

p/s : you cannot be right all the time, you see? sometimes you just have to think back what you have done wrong. sometimes it is not about pride, or ego. it was just friendship. plain and honest friendship. 
guess i was too naive. 


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