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Saturday, August 27, 2011

of love and friendship.

betul rupanya orang cakap bila ada masalah hati dan perasaan je baru cari kawan. 
sekarang bila dah ada someone to fill the empty spot, 
the friends are no where to be found anymore. 
i dont mind to fall out of friendship with the others that i just know of for countable days, you see. 
but i thought we were more than that. 
and when your friends around you are leaving you, you questioned them. 
i used to wonder too, you see. 
but i know why now. 
i know exactly why. 
thankyou, 'best friend'.
nanti bila dah rasa sakit lagi, barulah we could be super close again. 
but for now, 


  1. becareful with your friends.
    sometimes they are just ungrateful human beings that hardly be there when you need them the most.

    speak with experience, feel your pain.

  2. thankyou for your concern, stranger :)


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