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Thursday, July 28, 2011


this is for everyone in the world that knows me.
especially for the ones that are reading this,
yes you.
this is for you.

from the very bottom of my heart..

 i'm sorry for always not be there for my friends. 
 i'm sorry for not being a good person now and then. 
i am just sorry. 
for every single thing that have gone wrong. 
if i have hurt anybody or say something inappropriately.
im sorry.
i know that sorry is always not enough. 
but i guess it could be a good start. 

if i die young, bury me in satin
if i die young, remember that i do love each and everyone of you. 
and i swear that i would have done everything i could to be the best for you. 
if i die young, 
please place a little moment of your day,
to cite a little prayer for me.

blessed day, everyone :) 


  1. nape dear???? u always in my mind la...xmoh ckp bkn2 la k..everyone love u..

  2. random post je. :)
    haha. iloveyouu, kak sha <3

  3. sure? cam patah hati je..
    hahahahahah (gelak besar)


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