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Thursday, May 27, 2010

i am grateful, ALHAMDULILLAH...

i remember when i was eight years old,
and my youngest brother was born.
and i was crying when my daddy told me that 'it's a boy',
and i was the only one that did not kissed him when the first time my siblings and i visited him and my mom.
and i was angry with my mom because she 'LIED' and told me its gonna be a baby girl.

yes, that is how much i wanted a sister.
and i use to hate to see my friends with lovely sisters.
i use to be jealous when they have someone to play barbie doll with,
i use to hate it when i dont even have someone that i could giggle with under the blanket before we go to sleep.
yes, yes, i did a lot of thinking when i was little.
yes, i think that much.
when my brother bullied me, i wish i have someone for atleast to be bullied together
i have two elder brothers that always team up.
i have two younger brothers that do EVERYTHING together.
and i wish i had a partner too.
always at the top of my wishlist,

but as i grew up,
i've done wishing.
and started be grateful with what i have.
i have FOUR-SUPER-ANNOYING brothers...
but, of course, THEY LOVE ME :)
i remember when along cried when he lost me in sunway piramid when i was kindergarten.
i remember when angah NEVER get tired to push me when i was playing with the swing in playground.
i remember when abang cried when i was admitted in the hospital for appendix.
i remember when adik make me a 'SELAMAT HARI KAKAK' card with a drawing of 'orang lidi' that suppose to be me. XD



aww. sweet, no?
of course it is.
and i love them too.

so, i stopped wishing.
a sister?
i have one,
understanding, goodlistener, best adviser, and a good sister.
i'm glad we found each other. :)

younger sister?
i have one now too, 

 sweet, and alot like me. :D
she's like the JUNIORsuhaida.
sometimes, i cant really blame her for being wrong, because, yes, I USE TO DO THAT TOO.
but, ofcourse, i dont want her to make same mistakes i did when i was a lil kid.
i dont want her being TOO curious.
and did unexpected things.
yes, i did A LOT of unexpected things.
ape lagi,
kene belasah la dengan nenek and mak XD

what is that i didn't do?
selam longkang?
redah kebun kat belakang rumah?
kene kejar tebuan?
panjat pokok and jatuh?
haha. surprised?
yes, i did it all.

me, HER 
[HER= a 8yo kid who is a freaking spoiled brat that i have to stuck with for two freaking hours]

*after almost an hour and i cant stand of her making fun of me*
 you have to start shut your mouth now and start doing your work properly.
and that wasn't a question, i dont take that as an answer.
i dont care.
you did not come here to make some stupid lame jokes and laugh over something that is not funny, okay? just start doing your work, silently.
then, what?
one more word from you, i swear i'm going to slap your face. stop wasting my time, and do your work, will you? or i can just send you home now and have your mom to slap you instead when she ask me what happen, your choice.
*silence but still with her bitchy face of hers*

i know i might be a lil too harsh with her,
oh, seriously, try to be with her, for one hour, atleast,
if you can survive without any desire to slaap herr faace, i'll buy you mcDonald.
no joke.
and you'll be surprise about what she capable of to do 
and what she able to say.
you wont even believe that she is a primary2 girl.

to have that kind of sister? i rather be the only child.
so, be grateful, is what i left with to do :)
my life is just perfect.


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