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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

hello bloggie.

i am in the room with a stranger. 
that were once called a friend. 
dont worry, i am not here to make a big fuss about someone. 
or to do something close to mengumpat or you know, anything like that.
i am just here to express my feelings of disappointment.
on how someone could be. 
even though we share the same room, 
even though we do studying together, 
even though we have meals together,
you can never know how that one person can really be. 
you'll never know.
well for me,
i have no problem standing alone. 
i have been standing alone all this while, tho. 
i have been making decisions and stuff on my own.
well of course, with the help of beloved family + awesome best friends.
losing a friend here in Lendu wont cost me a thing.
but that is not the point. 
i just hated the way this person being so unprofessional and stuff like that. 
i know professional is a very deep word.
very few people with this value, indeed.
but at least, be mature, then.
i mean, you are already 19.
but well, maturity does not grow with age, tho.
there are soooooo many things here in Lendu that make me want to leave Lendu for Shah Alam more.
but i will just be strong and TRULY patience and go through this last stage of Lendu happily.
whatever comes on my way, i will try to take it positively. 
hey, i am a tough girl, you see. 
i will survive.
i will.
watch me.


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