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Monday, May 23, 2011

welcome to my silly life.

okay, screw my last post. lets blog.

so i have been feeling empty lately.
i dont know exactly what i want.
i hate the way that people JUDGE just because i am being myself.
if you want me to be myself then, why judge?

i am annoyed by this person that is pretty close to me.
how she/he tend to talk about something that IRRELEVANT.
something that, I DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT.
talking about someone i dont even know.
i dont know. it annoys me.
and i hate how they tend to talk about me, to someone else.
when i tell you something that i dont really tell other ppl, i expect you to keep it
i am sorry that now i am reluctant to tell you anything anymore.

i hate the feeling of insecurities.
there is something always wrong about me,
about how i feel,
about what i think.
and i feel empty, really.
right now, whats on my mind is that i want to eat oreo
and i feel fat.
that is it.
and i feel like hating everybody.
and i dont know who to trust.

people judge.
and i hate that.
i dont judge people.
i dont think gays should 'dipulaukan'.
i dont think that guys that pierced are all messed up guys.
i dont just be friends with smart and rich people.
i dont care these little things.
i be friends with people i want because i love how they be there for me,
and listen.
and you know, be my friend.

sometimes there is just SOMETHING about LIFE,
or maybe about yourself,
that you could not just understand.
sometimes there is something about that person,
that person that could be someone you hate most,
but there is something, or some part of them,
where you can see YOU.

lifeless and disappointing.

i am trying to be strong all along.
but i just...
i just got tired.

life is great, indeed.


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