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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

terrible things

i have obviously fell in love with the song TERRIBLE THINGS by Mayday Parade that my friend here, amadsazni introduced me to. its the lyrics of the song that got me deep into it. it also reminded me of the movie A Walk To Remember  more or less, its the almost same story.

so here, right now, i want to talk a bit about terrible things in life.
what are the terrible things that life had put you into?
i am so sure there's a lot.
i am sure there are a lot of things that make you feel so fucked up,
or maybe have you wish that you could do something like turning back time or have the power to fix everything.
or perhaps at the other time, you caught yourself wishing for something that you know will never come true but you close your eyes, almost everyday, every night, still wishing for it to happen.
because you believe in miracle and you know that NOTHING is impossible in order to pursue happiness.

thats right, it is all about achieving that little thing; HAPPINESS.

i am no exception.

terrible things happen to me a lot too.
sometimes just beyond my strength to drag it along my way.
terrible things just happen and it will never let you go because someway, it is the one that make you learn about life. about the real world.
of course, it will stuck you up in a misery.
sometimes for a while,
sometimes for a long time,
sometimes forever.

but i learn something, some days before.
life always messes you up.
terrible things happen and sometimes you have NO ONE to blame, or you just have to blame EVERYBODY, or you keep blaming YOURSELF.
the thing is, you dont have to point out your finger to anyone.
people make mistakes and people change and some of them just enjoy being a bitch.
all you have to do is just forgive and forget and ignore those bitches as you possibly could.
i know it is easy said then done.
but better try then to let yourself down, right?
these miserable things are just the things that make you stronger and wiser in experiencing life.
take it as a process of growing up

i caught me letting myself drown in misery a lot of times in my 18++ years if living.
and i know there are more to come.
i have let myself drown a lot of times before.
i just hope that when i get caught in the same situation again,
i will read what i just wrote up there and just live the life.
being miserable, is not a healthy way to grow up.
move on, smile away and heal the pain yourself.
and thank everyone that have been a bitch to you FOR MAKING YOU A FIGHTER. :)

have a good day, beautiful people .


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