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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

dah boleh tarik nafas lega dah, suhaidaaa :)

that is all for my result review.
enough to make me smile all night and buat sujud syukur straight away after i saw my GPAs.

yesterday night was THE NIGHT.
too many happy things happen that just blowww my mind.
i want nothing else but to be nice to everybody.
i want to be friends with all the people that more or less, taught me a pretty great deal about life.
i have been such an ass to some people.
i was not being so nice to UiTM Lendu either.
the fact that i actually refuse to go back there, and how i hate it been torturing the whole second semester...
i should be thankful for everything.

it really does feels good to FEEL GOOD, you know what i mean?

so here, right here right now,
i want to thank to everyone, EVERY SINGLE PERSON, the people at UiTM Lendu especially,
whether you have been helping me through it,
or you have just become a TOTAL PARASITE in my life at Lendu,
i would LOVE to thank each and everyone of you,
for teaching me the most valuable lesson, LESSON OF LIFE.
we've been through ups and downs,
facing some shits and get ourselves into trouble,
it is all a process of learning what LIFE is all about.
the people that have been a good company to me, THANKYOU for making me feel much appreciated and loved and for saving my bad moments there in Lendu..
and for the people that have been a total jerk and messed up my life more in Lendu, THANKYOU, for making me a fighter, and stronger each day.

and for all the other people that i might have hurted,
seriously, from the very deep part of my heart,
if i did say something too sarcastic,
if i looked at you bitchily,
if i acted the way that annoys you,
if there was anything at all. i am sorry.

i want to start a pretty new life in Lendu this new semester.
i want to stop pretending and actually try to like everyone.
try to accept them the way they are,
and most importantly,
to treat them the way i wanted them to treat me.

hello Lendu. :)


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