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Friday, May 27, 2011

Lendu is awaiting, Hello 3rd semester!

hello, goodmorning, everyone :)
its 604 inthemorning and i have not get my sleep yet.
tired, tho. but not sleepy.
and so i am going off to Lendu in a few hours,
have been spending the whole night packing,
and i just done baking a brownie.
not done yet, actually,
its still in the oven, and i still have to clean up the kitchen.
mom have been super nice to me.
i just thought that she deserves a little something something.
even though its just a brownie, and its not much..
but it is something.
and my little brother even willing to teman me to the shop that you can say quite far to help me get the ingredients.
thought that he deserves a little somethingsomething too.
especially when he says that he is going to miss me when i'm gone.
well of course, he said that when no one was around accept me to listen to that.
heh -.-
but i still appreciates that. really.

Lendu seems so close already.
i had enough talking about it.
i am mentally ready to face Lendu, to face the new semester.
i know it will not get any easier, but at least, this time, i will be mature in handling obstacles.
i will think twice before doing anything.
and i will put the priority to  my brain, instead of my heart.
the fact that i STOPPED believing people's words somehow working in some way.
i feel... stronger.
i am sorry, everyone.
especially the guys,
i just have to doubt your words.
because i am not that stupid anymore.

anywaaays, i dont know how my brownie will turn out like.
i used brown sugar instead of white sugar because we running out of sugar.
and i totally forgot about it.
i hope it will turn out just fine.
i haven't finish packing, tho.
i still have my clothes at the drier.
washed my last bit of clothing and waiting for it to dry off.
grab my things,
my stationaries.
i dont know what exactly to bring already.

hey, its already been 10minutes, have to check on the brownie and um finish packing.
i'll see you in Lendu, bloggie.
thankyou for being my bestfriend :)


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