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Thursday, March 10, 2011


i don't have the stunning eyes that make you want to stare deep into them and wonder about their color. my body is covered with scars from the times i fell on my knees as a kid or climbed over things scraping my skin or from lousy mosquito bites that i cant really get away from. nor am i the skinny hot girl who takes breaths away, stopping people in their tracks. and sometimes my hair doesn't look the best, it can be poofy in certain places or just a plain mess that's unfixable for the day. really, what makes me up is flaw after flaw. but neither do i think i could handle being perfect in every way. and even just in one way. because the price of living life the way i do is imperfection. and i'm okay with that because i get to live the life i want.

i hate myself a lot sometimes. 

but i learn to be grateful :)

and you, beautiful people, you should too. 


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