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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

a few facts

ten things i wish i could say to ten different person;

1. hey stupid, i like you so much.

2. i am sorry, i am just afraid of the thought that you might not the person i thought you are.

3. please just be grateful. you have a pretty awesome life.

4. shut up, i hate hearing your voice!

5. imissyou. I MISS US!

6. you said you wont give up to show how much you want someone.
you make it clear to me by letting go that fast.

7. you are just one pathetic desperate loser that anybody that falls for you will be one idiotic human being.

8. seriously, please tell me what i should do. stop playing games. PLEASE.

9. please just grow up. i cant stand immaturities right now.

10. iloveyoutoinfinity :)

nine things about myself

1. i am fragile.

2. sarcasms hurts me pretty badly.

3. i get easily annoyed by this bunch of people that are DYING for attention.

4. i trust people really easily even when i am taught, since small, not to.

5. i spend 1/5 of my sleeping time fantasizing about miracles that may magically happen on the next day.

6. i often lie to myself in order to catch some breath sometimes.

7. i wish i could have full control of my life.

8. i often say something i dont mean and curse my self out of it later on. 

9. i love loving someone's imperfections :)

eight ways to win my heart

1. smile to me :)

2. be stupid with me.

3. be nice to my friends.

4. serenade to me 

5. dont be such a dickhead.

6. want to spend a lot of time with me.

7. tell me how you feel

8. tell me your secrets.

seven things that crossed my mind a lot

1. The Almighty and of course, myfamily

2. food

3. friends :)

4. beaches.

5. musics

6. HIM

7. what the eff is wrong with me?! -.-

six things i do before i go to sleep

1. went to toilet.

2. clear my bed.

3 off the lights.

4. recall what happened for the rest of the day and forgive everyone.

5. do a little prayer for the sake of my family

6. text/call him.

five people who means a lot to me.
(excluding family and religious matter 
and in no order whatsoever)

4. Christina John Nathan

four most important things in my life

1. Black, my fat cat

2. cell phone

3. laptop

4. myself.

three songs that i often listen to
for now

1. it is all because of you - neyo

2. grenade - bruno mars

3. hanyut - faizal tahir

two things i want to do before i die.

1. travel to Italy and France.

2. lie on the beach with him all night counting stars. 
(for now, there is no specific person for him)

one confession
i try to help as many people as i can with their problems and i dont bother telling them mine because i think they have enough to worry about. 


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