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Monday, February 14, 2011

i wanna be HER.

kenal tak seorang gadis yang sangat cantik, comel, charming and breathtaking, miss TAYLOR SWIFT?
yes, that sweet girl over there, i want to be her so badly.

Taylor Swift is a country music singer and songwriter who came out with extraordinarily easy listening songs.ever songs of hers in kind of like a story of her life. EVERY SINGLE SONG of hers will have a story behind it.

 lemme tell you a bit of the stories :)

her song forever and always is for Joe Jonas tau. and it is an amazing sarcastic song. right on the face. i think its a greatgreat song. :) you will think so if you know the story, really :D

the other song, Back To December is actually for Taylor Lautner, the guy from the movie Twilight and the Twilight Sagas. this song is actually sweet enough until i heard this song right here entitled Enchanted. you should here the song called enchanted, this is the freaking song that makes me want to make this post about her because the song is about Adam Young (Owl City singer) and the sweetest thing is that Adam Young actually make a cover of that song as sort of a reply for the song, enchanted. here's the link : enchanted reply by Adam Young. and i think this is the sweetest thing EVER.

well, i cant possibly mentafsirkan semua lagulagu awesome dia kann. but yea, i want to be her because...
she can play the guitar, something that I HAVE WISHED FOR MY WHOLE LIFE that i know how to work that thing.
she sang just MY-GOD beautifully.
she have AWESOME video clips every time. 
she wrote ALL OF HER FREAKING SONGS and it turns out to be a breathtaking, beautiful and meaningful songs.

i want to be her. i want to be able to write my own songs beautifully and express my feelings and tell my stories through the guitar melodies. i want to be that smart, to be able to arrange simple words into beautiful lyrics. i want to write my stories and have those people hearing and sing along with it. i want them to know my stories and tell them that even though we are different but in any ways at all, our stories crossed. when you go through her songs and you think back and you will say to yourself 'hey, its true. been there, done that'.

i want to be her. i want to be more that just a pretty girl. i want to do what she did. i want to be able to wrote songs and serenade. i want to do all that she did. barulah sweet kann? haha/

i just damn yeah, adore her.


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