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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

dear bloggie,

if i could make a wish upon the stars,
i would wish for you to hold me in your arms and never let me go.

err. apa aku merepek ni? -.-
oh maaflah, terlebih emo pulak. post kali ini, tak ada kena mengena dengan apa yang berlaku di atas. :P

bytheway, it have been a while since i updated my blog, right? sure i thought of so many things to write about;
my brother's wedding,
outing in melaka,
the red army day.
but ofcourse again, i dont really have the time and good connection over here to upload those pretty pictures and yes, assignments have been piling up and there are quizzes and mid term exams are coming. *sigh. 
i am having my damn-bad-headaches days. 
so please do excuse me if i am acting weird or being a bitch or having some kind of moodswing. 
basically, i dont feel like myself lately. :)
wait, why did i put a smiley face over there? jeez. 

anyways, rakanrakan. I AM TIRED. i need a freaking break. i do. i really do. please get me out of here. ever for a little while. please. 


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