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Thursday, February 17, 2011


before i start explaining anything, please, i mean seriously, PLEAASEEE watch the video down here. PLEASSEE. maybe then. you will get what i want to say more clearly. okayh? :D

you can always paused my background music first so that you wont get mixed up.

awesome gila kann? i mean seriously, rakanrakan. WHY EXACTLY YOU HAVE TO SPELL THAT WAY?
dude, it is soooooooo NOT cool tau tak. -.- you will just appear stupid and sounds stupid tahu? i hate it when anyone do that. hate to read those kind of writings, tho.

okaylah, okay. MAYBE. just MAYBE back then when i was immature i did that without me realizing. but as far as i remember, i dont think i ever DID use it in any way at all. i dont know. -.- but seriously rakanrakan, we have to wake up and realize that these kind of things really are stupid, okay? please, you are a grown up, well educated person, PLEASE spell correctly. it wont hurt, kan?

okay maybe me too, often change the letter 'a' behind with 'e'. sort of like;

saja - saje
ada - ade
mana - mane

yes, i still did that tho, ONLY FOR THE PURPOSE OF BEING NOT TOO "BAKU". maybe that is another reason why i prefer writing in english so that i wont have that GUILTY feeling for misspelling those word or sounds so nerdy.

kalau tulis dalam bahasa English, it will sound friendly and not so nerdy and and not damaging any language at all, kan? awesome gilaa kan? :D

so folks, i feel like want to spell correctly again. maybe when i am texting with any of you in malay, i may use the bahasa ew BAHASA BAKU. so dont get freak out or think i had HIGH fever or have a feeling like you are texting A. Samad Said. HAHA.

rakanrakan. marilah kita bersama sama membanteras BAHASA EW ini, okay? dan kalau boleh, kurangkanlah penggunaan short form juga. kalau dalam SMS tu, boleh la diterima lagi. tapi kalau dalam penulisan blog, or nak update status dekat Facebook atau Twitter, janganlah cuba membuktikan theory yang cik Anwar Hadi kemukakan sebentar tadi - mungkin keyboard mereka kekurangan huruf.  HAHA.

have a good day, rakanrakan :)


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