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Sunday, January 9, 2011

i'm just going to leave everything behind.

tantan : su, ade baju kebaya takk?
me : ade je. kenapakah?
tantan: heh. esok first class pakai kebaya tauu.
me : huh? tak nak laa. kebaya su tuu... err.
tantan : heh. tak boleh. pakai je. teman intan pakai kebaya!
me : huh. okie.

dan hasilnya...

+belah panjang kat kain and terpaksa diPINkan. -.- 
+kene jalan kepitkepit sampai blok baru kat dataran keris sane -.- 
+kene cover belah kain daripada pak guard yang matanya sentiasa terbuka -.-

maka, itulah yang terjadi di hari pertama kelas saya. :) first class was COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT. tak pernah dengar kan? sebab we are the first batch yang carry this subject. and then, we have Interpersonal Communication, also another new subject. this just mean that we dont have seniors to refer to. reference in only on books, lecturer and among ourselves. haish. besides that, ade dua lagi subjects kene carry which are the Writing For The Media and Sosiology. 

baru ingat nak DL sikit this sem. -.- awal awal sem dah rase cam jauuuh je DL tuu. heh.

tak mengapalahh. kita study untuk timba ilmu, bukan untuk DL. *skemaskema. HAHA. anywayss. i have been through a hard time. i'm just kinna annoyed by someone right now. ITS OKAYY. i wont let her bring me down. i sure do disappointed with her and everything she did and i was annoyed all the way through. maybe i just couldn't take it anymore this time.

so, dear you..

it has always been about you all this while, you know. i was always there to listen to your everything and even at times when I AM SOOOOOO DAMN TIRED OF LISTENING, i am still there to listen. just to make you feel better. i bet, if i ask you what is my ex-boyfriend's name, you couldn't even tell me the correct answer. you know why, because you dont even care. IT WAS ALWAYS ABOUT YOU. you you and you all along. if you dont need me anymore, that is perfectly fine with me. i sure can live just perfectly fine without you. in the meanwhile, try to do a bit of growing up, yeah? i am not suddenly acting this way, FRIEND. i just have been keeping about this too long before until i cant bare it anymore. you have just gone beyond my patience. atleast i never did trying to hit on any of your boyfriends and let you contact your OWN boyfriend through me without passing to you the number. but whatever, you do the judgement. people get tired. i got tired. im tired of you and everything you are messing with. tyvm. 


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