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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

moving on.

Sometimes I just listen to the music in my head.
Sometimes I want to sing,
and other times I want to scream.
I can't always hide behind the smile,
I got to go crazy for a while,
because it's not always what it seems.
Sometimes I feel like I might cry,
sometimes I feel so numb.

I can't even move, can't find a way to groove

and the words just won't come.
So tell me what you want from me.
Because I can't seem to tell.

I keep trying to please you,
but you put me through hell.

I am so done with this but you have to know that I tried.
Nothing was ever good,

it didn't go the way it should.

I will no longer live this lie.

i just wanna be happy :)


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