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Thursday, December 9, 2010

hey there, AWESOME girl. :)

i remember when i was so into him.
YOU were the first to know about the pretty little things.

i remember when i was so pushed down by him.
it is still you that the very best word to bring me up again.

i remember when i was feeling so happy with my life,
i miss having OUR time together and laugh over stupid little things.

i remember when we share our dirty little secret together,
you have no idea how lucky i felt to have met such awesome friend like you.

minah. SERIOUS aku rindu kau doe. -.-
i feel bad about what i have done, okay. but i thought we were okay with it already.
fine la, aku emo sikit. and aku promise i will tell everything about it when we meet.
i feel better that way.
kau jugak yang suggest aku cerita kat kau bila kita jumpa kan?
at least nanti kalau aku nangis, that time, i will have you with me. :)

minah minah.
i feel bad la knowing you are not okay.
jangan la cenggini.
pointer kau okay kan, you are doing well in studies.
on the other hand, i think i might repeat a subject,
but, whatever it is...
you've done a great job, there. 
you said you hate it, you said you did bad,

stop looking down on yourself and start being you again.
the awesome you yang always like to talk something that sounds so weird but make PERFECT sense,
the girl that i always get busted with when stalking someone. :P
the girl that can make me laugh sampai pecah perut. :D
damn it, I MISS YOU.

i am sorry i am not good with words and couldn't find the perfect word to make you feel better,
just like you always have done to me. :)
but i want you to know that i care.
i am still here.
and i am missing us just how you have been missing SUBANO.


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