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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

we never satisfied, do we?

of course.
it is like the natural feeling of the humanity.
always wanted more.
and more.
and more.
and tend to forget to appreciate what you owned.
well, of course as one perfectly NORMAL human being, i too, feel the same sometimes.
not talking about anyone else.
the desire of wanting more is just way beyond the capability to fulfil it.
even though the ability to dream is something so beautiful but we do know the limits, dont we?
aren't you get tired of wanting more?
dont a PERFECTION scares you?
it does scares me sometimes.

i learn to appreciate what i have.
i learn to be satisfied with whatever life offers me.
i learn to live a life that pretty much look like a normal life but nobody knows, perhaps, sooner or later it offers me something beyond the expectations.


i dont know whattheshit im mumbling about.
got to go back studying.


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