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Saturday, August 7, 2010

i understand :)

this is a story from my fren.
this post is for her,
how i understand what she is going through.

"when you held my hand for the first time, i felt the warmth of your love. i know that it is real. i know that you love me too, even you did not say a word. i want to say it but i couldn't. but then, i think you know that i have fallen in love with you. the days gone perfectly well.me and you, perfect couple, dont you think? but it never enough. you always wanted more. i am not the perfect girl for you. you want her. she who have everything that i have to live without. i thought i can go through it because you are not the first, and so i thought that you are not definitely going to be the last. and so, when i go through my life, i met others, but i couldn't understand why i couldn't find anyone like you, or anyone better than you. after a while, we met again. you have changed alot. so much. you no more with the girl you left me for. there was a lot more after me, after her. i was surprised because i couldn't be with anyone else after you. but you have a lot more than i could ever expected. you want to guess the one thing that i did not understand? you have change a lot, you have even forgotten me, and held a lot of other hands besides mine, BUT when you held my hand again that day, i can still feel the warmth, i can still feel the extraordinaire feelings. i can still feel the presence of the old you. and there, i realized, ILOVEYOU, and i cant seem to find any other. knowing that you have her, doesn't seem to kill the feeling. the feeling still alive, honey. after all of these years. if you can find anyone that could love you any better than that, send my regards to her."

she said to me,
"just imagine if you are in my shoes"
i replied,
"i wish. i wish i am in ur shoes. i wish i could love like that."


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