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Saturday, August 7, 2010


okay. i am not actually myself right now. so, please pardon my "nonsensibility". saya berada di hadapan lappy pada pagi ini adalah untuk mengarut. jadi, ini adalah post blog saya yang patut dihiraukan dan tak perlulah diambil berat sangat. i just want to shout to YOU. DUDE!! I MISS YOUUU LAAA!!! serious, i rindu you sangat. i wanna text, i'm afraid you wont reply. i want to call, i'm afraid you might be busy. go la online, and see my status and reply my status and text me. and. and. and. but, wth, you didn't know i was talking about you. hahaha. i will keep it to my self until the time come. but i know you'd miss me too. ;) let me tell you a little something about him. he is someone that could make me smile. can make me laugh. can make me feel appreciated. he concern about me, about what i'm going through. he can make me smile just by thinking of him. he is someone that could make me feel better when i'm in major breakdown. always there when i was in tears. always there to borrow me a shoulder to cry. always there to listen, always there to cheer me up. you might not realize this, but yes, its you i'm talking about. uts you that i waited to appear in my chatlist and notifications. its you.i promise. . imy. imy imy. imysfdm. yes. its you.


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