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Monday, June 7, 2010

current situation?

i'm OFFICIALLY babysitting a girl, without i'm even knowing.

stuck with her yesterday and THE WHOLE FREAKING DAY, TODAY.

just that i had my name been called every TEN minutes,

i had HER came up to my room and check what i was doing.

couldn't sleep, because there will be SOMETHING that she have to have me to do.

couldn't go out because i have a SUPER ANNOYING 10yo KID in my house.

couldn't put on the music out loud like i usually do because, SHE IS WATCHING HER DVD.

couldn't watch anything on the tv because SHE WANTS TO WATCH DORA THE EXPLORER for THE WHOLE FREAKING DAAY!

i think she might murder my cat, especially after forcing my cat to eat stuff that SHE couldn't finish.

thinks that she could take care of my cat and lil brothers MORE THAN I COULD!

keep giving me advices as if i am that se-tuh-pid.

 so, what do you think?
awesome, yes?

well, i'm currently ALIVE.
just afraid that someone might not be ALIVE in 12hours to come. -_-"


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