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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

g***k? *sigh*

seriously, no joke.
i cant fit my slack, anymore.
i mean, can la, but, its not just as nice as it look on me anymore.
well, i ate snickers, almost EVERYDAY.
back from Kumon at abt 10.30, buat ape lagi, MAKAN LAA.
and one more thing,

oit, stop kembungkan your pipi when cathching a picture laa.
tengok ni, adoii, decent picture pun comel.
WTH? i wasn't kembungkan my pipi! ITS MY NORMAL SMILE!
what?!! * laughed out loud. 

i hate it when i'm gainning a lil weight and it have to be obvious. 
so, i have to cut down on snickers.
and any other.
if you saw me with snickers, just grab that from me, ayte?
saya benarkan.


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