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Sunday, April 18, 2010


kepada semua kawan-kawanku....
ya-Allah, saya minta maaf...

first of all, 
to you Bernice.
i am sorry for not texting or calling you more often.
but, you know, it thought you'd be busy with all your collage stuff and all.
and things had been a lil more tight for me lately.
dont post something like that on your blog,
it makes me cry...
my phone is out of credit because i called amal yesterday.
and i need to cut out my spending...
will give you a ring sometimes..
well, i dont mean ring, RING, i mean..........
oh, you know what i mean...

and Christina, you are next.
sorry, i cant follow you to sunway the other day.
i know we rarely go out together but,
my life is more than just going out and waste time, darling.
i mean, we can spend EVERYDAY together.
and i know you just want me to follow because you need company to go and come back from sunway, and have fun with YOUR friends the other time.
i am not like you.
i can know what you have in mind just by the way you talk to me.
i am sorry things aren't like what you want it to be.
but things are not the way i wanted them to be too...

oh, ainur.
what happen to you?
its so bad to be the last one to find out that you are not okay...
i'm sorry i cant pick up the phone when my boss is right in front of me.
i'm sorry i cannot call you back because i am out of credit.
i'm sorry i couldn't talk to you yesterday because my dad suddenly home early and he just came to me and asked me to "HELP" him cook.
i'm sorry i couldn't talk to you at night because my ym is a total pain in the ass even they dont have any.
i'm sorry i couldn't tlk to you AGAIN this morning because my dad was doing something with the pc.
i am on now.

i am sorry my dear frens....
but i do have my hard times too.
but there are just somethings that you want to do sooo damn bloody hell much.
but you just cant.
for some reason that

(failed to upload tina's picture)

sorry for not being there when i should have.
i'm such a jerk.


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