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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Nothing beats the feeling of being in love. To have someone who you can proudly call yours. To wake up everyday knowing that you have someone who loves you with all he has. It is the best feelings, when you realize that he understands you thoroughly and handles you better than you handle yourself. I have never felt so much love from anyone before, neither I have had love anyone the way I love him. It is an extraordinary feelings; to fall in love with him. It is like I never did loved anyone before because with him, it is different. Much more different.

Nothing beats the feeling of being with him. Nothing really. I felt safe. I found peace when I am in his arms. I felt vulnerable that even though I keep my words and bury them right within my heart, he could still read me up like an open book. I could be my genuine self and no matter how flawed I am, he would still stuck around, being weird together. Being with him is like being in a totally different dimension; as if I was made beneath his arms to be protected and he was created near my heart to be loved.

It never had felt this right, never am I so sure about the future but with him, I am sure. I believe that we are going to grow old together, travel the world and stay with each other through thick and thin. I never have had feel so happy, I never felt so glad, never feel so thankful for what God has given me. I never felt so insecure, be so afraid of losing someone that I would give up my chocolates just to keep him.

What am I supposed to do when he turns up to be exactly the person I want to be with?
How am I supposed to resist when he looks like an angel when he stares at me?

One thing I am sure of is that I would never give up on you, I will never give up on us.
You are my best friend,
my human diary,
my other half...
you meant the world to me and I love you sfdm.

My other half? - I feel like this is a sloppy understatement of what it is.
What exactly are you, really? Please, do enlighten me.


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