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Thursday, May 30, 2013


Why do we find shelter in the rain if it is a blessing from The Almighty?
Why do we hide from the sun if sunlight is what we are looking for in gloomy days?
Why are we afraid of the dark when we know that the moon and stars can't shine without it?
Why do we do things we know it is wrong but we do it anyway?
Why do we do such things to hurt people, hurt ourselves?
Why do we do things without thinking and when we think back about it, it was wrong in every way?
Why do we keep doing that?
Why do you think?
Why do you still use the knife when you know it can hurt you?

They are temporary.
We long for the sun on rainy days but then we hide from it when it appears.
When we get it, it feels different, we want different things already.
Some feelings are temporary.
Because things change, people change, situation change.
Some stays. Because it is meant to be.
Like love, and family and friends.
They are unbreakable bonds that gave you a slightly different kind of feelings.
Something stronger and real and certain.
But only you can tell which one is stronger,
Or which one that is just... temporary.

Look around you, everyone. Take a closer look at everybody.
Everyone makes mistakes, and then regret it.
You don't want to be just like one of them.
I don't want you to be.
This is temporary.
Hang on there.
Let the stronger feelings get grip of your heart.
You will see that it worth the wait.
It worth to hold on to what you have now.

I'll be fine.
We will be okay. I promise.


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