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Thursday, September 15, 2011

expecting the unexpected -- reblog

you walk alone and you join the crowd. you see an old couple holding hands and eating ice-cream, you smile and be happy for them and silently hope that you will be in the same situation as they are in years to come. you walk down the road and you meet a diverse road, you ask yourself which one to choose because you dont know where any of the roads lead you to. you bump into a stranger, you crack a smile and you never know that he/she is the one that will complete your life.

who cares if you are in misery?
sadness dont worth to be paid to much attention to.
and NOTHING, nothing will stop me.

i dont care if i ended up hurting myself. i dont care if it ended up to be a mistake. i dont care. i dont care. i will do what i feel like i want to do. another heartbreak wont kill me. i will survive.


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