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Thursday, March 31, 2011

31st March 2011

and someone is turning 19.

i cant remember when was the first time we met.
but whatever it is, 
i am greatly thankful that we found each other.


nineteen years of living has taught me a lot about friendship.
basically, friendship is not about who stays as a companion or just being source of laughter,
but someone who still be there to lend a shoulder to cry on.
and that is exactly what i have her doing.
the one that having the best next word after you spitting out your sorrow.

i sure miss having my bestfriends around, i sure miss having us go for lunch together in school
and stalk over some people that we clearly shouldn't have.
go crazy with other classmates,
make some stupid joke and laugh our lungs out.
only God knows how much i miss that moment.
how much i miss us.


hey, birthday girl :)
looking at this girl over here, i feel like im missing the part of you being so NOT you.
being so vain and all.
it is just something that i should NOT miss out on. 

i dont know what else i should write about.
i mean, how can i possibly describe you in words?
you are the person of the warmest heart of all and consider myself so lucky to have you as my friend.
whatever ups and downs that we are up to,
i want you to know that
i loveyou and respected you for the values that you have.
you know what, 
i think you deserved a big place in my heart too.


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