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Thursday, February 3, 2011

there is always some sunshine after a little rain. :)

there was once when i was too tired to even think.
memang masa tu sangat emo.

but then i always stick with the quotes up there. cool gilaa kan? XD

i mean, seriously, rakanrakan. i know that you feel so effed up when at times, life is being unfair to us. we keep blaming others, blame the situation, blame just about everything else without knowing that hey, maybe, JUST MAYBE, all these shits will worth later on. MAYBE, there is a freaking reason why we are so effed up now. well, again, there is always some sunshine after a little rain. and even if you are lucky enough, there will be rainbow too.

dont that sounds soothing enough for you? yes? no?

i feel bad when i look behind and i remember how i let myself so drowned by the misery. i feel bad for myself. because i think that it is so freaking unfair to punished yourself over some shits other people done to you. well, yes, maybe to feel a little broken down here and there are normal and all but to constantly feel like you are worthless and forgetting that you are special too, is a stupid thing to do. okay? SE-TUH-PID. well ofcourse, unless if you are the one that be throwing the shits, then YES, IT IS YOUR FAULT.

so the point here is to WAKE UP and SCREW THEM ALL. okay? shish. i tension kadangkadang bila tau orang lain macam down tau tak. and that is why i dont like blogwalking. sebab rasa kesian, tahu? shish. oh, anywayss, hey you precious people, YOU ARE SPECIAL TOO, okay? dont keep blaming yourself. hey, they make mistakes too, okay. they are acting stupid too, okay? so whatthehell. it just mean that you deserve something better.

i know that sometimes we tend to think about others too much. sometimes we feel bad for em and sometimes that we think that that particular person is a total BITCH for making you feel this and that way. but hey, if they are that screwed up, why we even bother about them anymore. if its love, it will turn out right no matter how you turn it around, okay? if its not, then, you will find it later on.

just feel good about yourself.
you are important too.

and yes, at times, dont be afraid to change because good things fall apart so that BETTER things can fall together.

take good care of yourself, fellas.
somehow, noone really actually cares about you. :)


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