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Thursday, January 27, 2011

wah. lendu sangat indah. :D

dah nak dekat setengah tahun menetap kat lendu baru nak perasan indah ke tak kann? anyways. thank God that now, lendu is starting to be nice to me. thankyou lendu. i love you more than you think i do.

so, how am i? yeah, im doing great. things get a little messy at first but its okay now. assignments went well, friends have been okay and classes were great. everything is under control already. and i have been laughing a lot lately. i guess i got my laugh-out-loud charm back. :D

so im actually leaving two things behind. im leaving you and you. kenapa ah nak tinggaltinggal? eh, sukati la. hahaha. dah la. sometimes there are memories that worth to be deleted so that the future wont be dimmed by the past. haha. cool tak ayat saya :P

roommates have been awesome, k. lepak dengan diorang sangat awesome. for this month only, i have been going out alot. with roommates, with nasha and the friends from kL. i had serious fun and there is just so much more thing that have been putting a smile on my face too. hey. my life is great so far, k? ;)

so i might not turn out as pretty as you hope i'll be. maybe i look even worst after i cut off my hair. whatever. i like the way i look now and at least, AT LEAST, i did not pretend and fake myself out in order to fit in.

i did some stupid mistakes, but i understand that is a process of being smart. maybe then, i could commit SMART MISTAKE pulak. asyik stupid je kann. haha.
i forgive people not because that i am weak but because i feel that i am strong enough to understand that people make mistakes and understand that imperfections are a part of life.
i apologize not because i wanted to have that good impression on me but because i know that i did something wrong and i dont want if something ends there, it have to end miserably.

but yeah, at times, i pretend to be happy when the situations says otherwise.
and at times, i feel absolutely miserable when i actually have  A LOT MORE OTHER REASONS to feel otherwise. :)

sometimes we just have to see beyond ordinary.
sometimes its just there for us, and we are just so blinded to see.
sometimes, LIFE CAN BE TREMENDOUSLY great, only if we have decided to see beyond the flaws.

I AM FREAKING HAPPY OKAY. with or without you, I FEEL JUST GREAT. :)


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