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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

saya tak emo.

emo emo emo. *sigh. semalam rasa macam nak marah semua orang. walaupun for the smallest mistake, rasa macam nak cekik je orang tu sampai die tercekik yaAllah, kejamnya aku -.-

lupakan itu. i dont like being emo.

so, i think im undergoing pms. and that is why i have this moodswing thingi. especially after going through a "WONDERFUL" night yesterday. seriously, rakanrakan sekalian, subject (Communication Management) CMP sangat susah. and i am basically the group leader kepada 11members and WE have to basically handle a small event.

susah tak? susah takkkk?

and sebagai group leader, i have to ALWAYS know what to do.

shit. im screwed.

whatever la. i will think of something later. :)

besides that, i have one more proposal that is approaching the dateline and one more assignment that HAVE to be done by NOW. why am i here, then? because the work for me on the assignment that have to be done by now is just to print and bind. :D so yea.

but still, i have to look on their progress on that. -.-

penatlah belagak macam "mother" in group assignments. -.-

oh, talking about individual assignment! shit, i lupa to tell Mdm. Wan (lecturer CMP) that i cant find the organisation chart for Kumon.

see, screwed lagi. -.-

dah la. nak emo jap. bai.


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