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Thursday, December 23, 2010

life sometimes just .........

its funny how we tend to love someone that hate us.
its funny how we be happy when everyone else is not.
its funny how something just ruined the PROBABLY best moment of your life.
its funny how sometimes we tend to believe some strangers better than anyone else.
its funny how we tend to sing a song that reminds us of that person we trying to forget.
its funny how we have wonderful dreams in such awful time.
its funny how we get angry on something that is just not reasonable.
its funny how we trying to find some happiness in something that already make our lives miserable.
its just funny how when our lives is all about that one person, but that person's life is all about someone else.

lets laugh together. it is so freaking funny, dont you think?

its true that i am over everything.
its so freaking true, yes.
but i am just annoyed by this bunch of people that being so selfish, and everything just have to be about THEM.
hello people, i am a freaking human being with feelings too.
doesn't my feeling matters?


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