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Saturday, December 4, 2010

lets smile out of everything. :)

you know something.
like seriously.
i played with fancy words and use poems to express my emotions,
to tell them stories that are unwritten in those novels.
which then, i wrote novel too.
and i have finished a story.
i have, really.
i can give you read it right away. 
the feeling you have when you write is simply a-ma-zing.
it does.
and that is why i dont look down on people that like to read poems, or even write them and like them.
i dont categorized them as JIWANG or you know, stuff like them.
because i know it is some kind of crazy passion.
something that you cannot get away with.
something that have stuck inside you and the only way to let it go is through fancy words that you have in you.
there you go,
terhasil lah karya "JIWANG" yang ntah apeape, kan? :P

but then all of these things are old stories la.
i have eventually stop writing fancy words.
it have no more live within me.
i have tried to start writing again but it doesn't work anymore.
it have left me.
i have no more of it.
i am no longer capable of writing pretty words and i have no idea if i can get it back.
because i really want to.
i miss writing.
i really do. :)


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