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Saturday, December 18, 2010

everybody's looking for that something...

*haha. tajuk pun dah macam lagu westlife pulak kaaaann? :P

motif blogpost kali ni?
takde motif.
sekarang sedang mendengar lagu westlife, lame tak dengar. RINDU SIOTT.
i have been through a relieving stage.
and i never felt happier. :)

did i mention that next week will be my LAST WEEK with the Kumonians?
i didn't even see that coming.
i feel like it was just several days ago i started Kumon.
you know, i never felt more satisfied than getting to teach these kids.
biasalah, dulu kan berangan nak jadi cikguuu.

and so. and so.
omg, these westlife guys are soooo cute. HAHA.
tapi sekarang sume dah tua. muka kedutkedut je.
hee. macam la kita ni nanti stay 18 je kaannn.
tak reti nak tuatua
and one more thing.
2011 is just around the corner.
that just mean its already been a year i left school.
and the next 26thAugust, i'll be at my last stage to be called a TEENAGER.
cepat gile masa berlalu kan?
then, when it comes to 20, i'll be finishing my diploma. and then, we go catch for degree.
and things started to be more difficult and i have to be able to stand on my own feet.

sometimes, thinking about future really does hurt my head, tho.
what will happen?
how will i handle it?
can i get through it?
do i get through it well?
kan, sakit tak kepala fikir sume tu?
sakit tak? sakit tak?
you better say YES. haha!

but then, i've been watching 3 idiots. and this guy named
Ranchoddas Shamaldas Chanchad says that
if you're afraid of the future, how will you even cherish the present?
okay. i dont even know if i get that right.
so anyways, its easy to say that.
lets just forget to future for a while.
things will fall in place.
we just try to hit our best now.
things come and go.
and so, when you have something, never be too happy.
and when you lost it, let it be free.
it just meant that it is not for you, you worth for something better.

have faith in self.
like i heard one wise quotes once saying;

nobody worth your tears.
the one who do, will never make you cry.

have a nice day, loyal readers. :)


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