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Friday, December 31, 2010


hey. lets go through some highlights on whatever happen in 2010.

this was painful -.- LIKE SERIOUSLY. hahaha. totally nothing to do and i eventually become SE-TUH-PID and dumb and just everything that i dont expect myself to be. i still feel so stupid. especially after witnessing what happen now. haha. its okay. i'll take that as a growing up process. ANYWAYS. it was the end of highschool and we all get so excited about it. well, of course then, we will be missing highschool. we have schoolmates that have been missing school days. i was one of them. i do still miss school days. but i dont want to go back there. I WANT TO MOVE ON :)

hah. dramadrama. im not so smart, so there is nothing to be proud of. but i am proud of some friends of mine. who yes, get better result than me. and the one that achieve good too. it was full with drama. but yes, still, the highlight of the year. :)

my first workplace. :) this is where i have this bunch of cute looking human beings calling me teacher. and i do stuff like marking worksheets and teaching maths to kids. it was an awesome experience. they dont pay me much, i know. but it was the experience and the time i have with them that are priceless. and the fact that i have been learning too. so Kumon is a great place. i never thought that i will eventually MERASA menjadi seorang cikgu. to actually have these smart learning kids calling me CIKGU and TEACHER. :) it was just so great. thanks for the experience :)

hah. THE DOUBLE HIGHLIGHTED EVENT OF THE YEAR. hhaha.another great thing right here. i was so nervous for this. i was afraid of something like bully or not fitting in or this bunch of people that might be thinking that they own the place or the seniors being so semester bias. so yea. eventually, i surrounded by a lot of beautiful people. amazing, actually. :) so then, uitm is great. the people, the place, the studies. well ofcourse some ups and downs here and there but hey, thats life kan? :) 

i dont like talking about this since forever. haha. i mean, its just mean that it is something not to share to people. but anyhow, im letting it out today. so yes, i was in a relationship with this guy i met in uitm. it started out well. great, actually. i was happy. like REALLY. but things change. he just, um, perhaps i just dont know him well enough. so, it turns out to be a mistake. he dont know anything about me too and dont bother trying. heh. i dont pretty much care about people that tend to do nothing more but to annoys me by doing stuff i hate.
deep inside, i know he is a great guy and he will find the right girl. i just cant be the one. anyhow, i know i will find the right one. i know someone out there that will eventually understands me when my words makes no sense at all, love my flaws, say things that i want to hear and appreciates me. we will find each other. its just a small world we have out there. :)

and for you, remember the question you have for me. when my answer was I DONT KNOW? i know now. the answer is NO. :) just to tell you so that you wont be regretting why you wasted your time on me later on. so i tell you now. i just dont want to be blame on anything else later on.

and so and so and so.
 its like almost 10 more minutes to midnight. 
i still have so much more to say tho.
maybe i will come out with some other posts later on.
for now, this is it.
this is me and some things i have been through throughout this year. 
whatever happens in life is a lesson how to grow up.
life is a good teacher, its how the students learn from it make we in different paths.

what matters most is that i am still here.
still standing strong, still able to breathe in the air and 
still able to walk on this earth, 
still have my wonderful family and 
awesome friends. 
even things are not beautiful sometimes, but everything happens for a reason.
sesungguhnya Allah tidak akan menguji makhlukNya dengan sesuatu ujian yang tidak mampu ditanggung,

so, take one step at a time.
everything will be okay.



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