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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

okay. lets keep it real.

i have an exam tomorrow.
well, it is quite important.
and the problem is, i am not myself.

i should stop whining about home.
i should stop thinking about the unnecessary things.
i should stop expect too much from ... whatever.
i should stop worry about making mistakes.
i should start being myself again.
and do i need a reason for that?
yes, because i have a FREAKING EXAM tomorrow.
i should just stop this whole bullshiting stuff that have been come across my way.

maybe this is just because of the homesick.
so, lets ignore it a while.
lets talk about something else.

i dont wanna sound lame,
so i really should stop writting eventhough i actually have alot to tell.
i guess i have to hold it back, still.

have a good day, readers.
perhaps if you do have a good day, i will too.


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