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Thursday, November 11, 2010

missed out HOME.

i was talking about homesick earlier, back then when i was in Lendu. 
but its funny how i did not talk about home when i am here. :P
dah nak pergi balik lendu dah punn, baru nak teringatt. HAHA!

so, yes, talking about homee. <3
i am doing just perfectly fine here at home. well ofcourse, couldn't be better.
eventhough im a lil sad when my mom have to go someplace else for a week just when i reach here, but it was doing all fine. :)
i have my bed back. :D :D that is the best part.
i reunite all my bears back and i can see the happy look on their faces. ^^
i spend time with christina and her cousin, syazwani, but we just hang around the area. they planned to go out, and asked me to join but i prefer stay at home and cuddle my bearbear. :D
i have a major great time with my cat, BLACK, who have been a great company when my parents and older brothers off to work and the lil one disappear in school or somewhere else. 
thanks, black, i will always love youu. :)
and i have fun back to my old routine, which is cooking and i just enjoy doing it even sometimes they might say my cook sucks. -_-"
so now, im looking forward to TEMBAK my final paper to end up my first sem in UiTM, and then, i can go gaga with my ke-AWESOME-ted bestfriends that i missed just so bloodyhell much, 

aku nak jeritjerit lagi. :P

damn, i miss you guyss.
14th November, come faster, will ya?! 


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