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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

im not a quitter

i promise to hold on, and that is how im gonna do it.
i promise to be strong, and that is how its gonna be.
i promise i'll stay, and you will see me nowhere else.
i promise i'd be happy and dont you ever turn that off.
i promise to smile, and that is only when i saw you smiling.
i promise stay out of misery and that is only if you be understanding.
i promise to be a good friend, and you can consider me as BFF.
i promise to be there when you need me, so, call me when you need a shoulder to cry.
i promise i'll hold your hand when you're lost and together we find our way home.
i promise i'll be good, but "good" seems not to be enough for them.
i promise to be myself, and with that, you still cant figure out who i really am.

PROMISE seems to be an easy word to say, but not an easy thing to keep. but you know that i will try to keep those promises we make and i do hope you keep your words too. im looking forward to have you in my life FOREVER. :)

dear you,
it have been one month ^^


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