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Friday, October 29, 2010

one killing paper is over, LETS BLOG! :D

enough talking about my killing paper,
feeling so free, i could even online at nearly 3am.
*evil laugh*

where to start, huh?
lets start about me missing my FRIENDS.
oh, rakanrakanku yang sangat saya rindukan.
should talk about that to them :D :D
merindui zaman sekolah.
where everything is just there, what left was just for us to sit and listen.
 i miss going gaga with my class monitor and together disturb the whole class.
when we were in school, never thought that we going to miss school this much, dont you think?

well, whatthehell.
life gotta move on. :)
we grow up, we will eventually leave the happy moments behind and pursuit for the others to come.
talking about friends again...
well, ofcourse, i have friends that is pretty much not in a good condition.
i have friends that struggle in their studies.
struggle in family problems
and struggle in relationships.
well, that is what we call life.
its just now we are more mature to look at life differently.
we tend to care more.
we pay more attention.
sometimes, i do afraid to give them some advises.
or just to find some words that perhaps makes them look at things in a different way.
because i know i am not in their shoes.
without knowing that i totally understand the feelings of being-in-their-shoes.

i have stuff that would bring me down too.
i have ALOT of reasons to be sad.
ofcourse, again, everyone does.
but i choose to be happy
because, yes,  i have so many reasons to be happy too.

as i turn older.
i got very good in HIDING.
sometime i feel like flying.
sometimes i feel like jumping off the clift
sometimes i feel like shouting for the whole world to hear.
sometimes i feel like dancing in the rain.
nobody can even guess.

so, DO NOT straight away jumps into conclusion, when its about me.
i am a little peculiar.
maybe because i like to think a lot and hide my thoughts.
and maybe,
it takes you a tremendously long time,
to really understands me.

becareful with your thoughts.
it most probably not true.


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