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Thursday, October 7, 2010


it is DEFINITELY not easy being SITI SUHAIDA SULAIMAN (pretty name, yes?)
*eyri, saya curi ayat awak!*
i am not the "anak manja" that always have what she wanted.
i am not from the super loaded family that again, have all her wishes granted.
i am not a person with an excellent brain that all the assignments is just like a piece of cake for her.
i am not one perfect person that i cannot commit any mistakes at all.
i am not somesone so good-hearted until i cannot get angry at all.
i am not so feeling-less person until i dont understand the feeling of getting hurted and sorrow.

i am too, a normal person.
still need chocolates when im unhappy,
still sweats when im nervous,
still hug my huge teddy when im asleep,
still wishing that life is still like when we was still young when the hardest desicion to make was; "which colour of crayon should i choose next?"

i might not be the same girl you know past few years.
i might not be that girl of your dream.
i might not be that kind-hearted person.
i might not be that pretty girl across the street that you willing to get-hit-with-a-car for.
but this is just me,
a girl named suhaida that have such wonderful friends and surrounded with amazing people.
a girl that live an average life with a happy family and great companies.
a girl that have crushed on some good-looking dudes and ...
a girl that might be falling for you. :)


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